How do I carry out a database CV search?

To carry out a database CV search, take the following steps:
STEP 1:click on the Database CV Search button on the top of any page in your account. This leads you to the database CV search page. 
STEP 2: specify what you are looking for in the available search fields, and click the Search Database button. 
Profiles of candidates, who match what has been specified, are displayed.
The first search field seen on the database search page is the Search using Keywords.  Putting in words in this search field, and clicking the Search Database button will display profiles of candidates who match what was specified. To search with more criteria, click on More Search Options. Indicate what you are searching for in all the search fields you desire to use. When you are done, click the Search Database button.  Profiles of candidates, who match what was specified, will be displayed. 
Filtering your database CV search result: on the CV search results page (the page which shows you the results of your database CV search), there are different criteria with which you can filter your results by, in the Filter Result section on the left hand side of the page. 
Filtering your search results helps to narrow down your search so you can find exactly who you are looking for. 
To filter down, tick the check boxes beside the criteria you want to filter your search by, and click Filter.
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